First night at home.

Last night we had our first taste of parenthood. Éowyn decided that she didn’t want to lie down and be quiet all night, in fact it wasn’t until 0630 that she finally succumbed to the arms of Morpheus.  This was in complete contrast to her behaviour during the day, where she tended to sleep for three hours before gradually waking up for a feed and nappy change.  I think it is something that we are just going to have to get used to and learn to nap at the same time as Éowyn.

We had our first home visit by the midwife today, to check up on Éowyn.  She is very please with her progress, she is feeding well and gaining weight and should be above her birth weight by Monday, which is the next midwife visit.  The midwife also suggested that we could use infacol to help treat Éowyn for wind and that may help with easing her to sleep at night.  I don’t hold out that much hope, but we will try it for the next few weeks.

Considering the night we had last night we have taken it easy today but have had a couple of visitors with Lucinda’s mum popping round this morning and her cousins Lauren and Madison with Auntie Cristina this evening.

Spoke to my mom last night, who is very excited about visiting on Sunday, with my sisters.  I think Éowyn is going to be very spoilt that day.  She also has said how excited my nan is about her first great-grandchild.  Unfortunately, as my nan is in a home in West Bromwich, it will be a couple of weeks before we will be able to go up and see her.  Éowyn will have to do a little tour of her ancestral homeland as she will have to visit her great, great uncle and great, great auntie as well as a whole host of other friends and relatives.  I think that it will be very tiring for her.

I love being a dad, even in the wee hours of the morning, I can’t recommend it highly enough, although ask me again in a couple of weeks when I have not had any sleep and have a 12 hour shift ahead of me.

Haven’t taken many photos again today but here are a couple, one from yesterday in her car seat.

Peace and love


I'm pooped!
I'm pooped!
Just let me out!
Just let me out!