Our Honeyweek

Below is a selection of photos from our week’s holiday in Baveno, Italy.  We flew out two days after our wedding and so as this was our first holiday as man and wife, then technically it is our honeymoon but as we waited until later in the year to take a full month’s holiday we have christened this our honeyweek, in an attempt to be chronologically correct.

Baveno sits on the west coast of Lago Maggiore, in northern Italy. We stayed at the Lido Palace Hotel with a room overlooking the lake. The staff were amazing and looked after us incredibly well. It has a real feeling of history and splendor and we were in illustrious company as not only had royalty (Queen Victoria) and composers (Richard Wagner) been among the previous guests but Sir Winston Churchill spent his honeymoon there 89 years before. We would thoroughly recommend the hotel to anyone thinking of spending some time in the Italian Lakes.

So please enjoy the photos, there are more on our Flickr pages.

Baggie and Lucinda